Does your roof need better insulation?

Insulation is very important and can save you a huge amount month on month on your energy bills. Despite this, many people do not check to see what sort of insulation the home has and whether they need to replace or improve it.

There are a number of specialist companies out there that will be able to come and have a look in your loft at the roof insulation and advise you on whether it is sufficient or not. Some people are eligible to get help from the government towards the cost of insulation for their home so it is always worth checking this as it could save you thousands.

One your insulation is adequate you should find that your home stays warmer for longer meaning that you do not need to have the heating on for as long as you previously did.

If you have a very old home you may find that you have very little or no insulation where as new builds should be built to already have this included.

The cost of insulating a roof varies but on average £25 to £35 per square meter, so the average roof may cost around £400 to insulate.

Emergency roof repairs you need to know about

If the unthinkable happens and the flat roof of your garage or house extension is blown off by strong winds what are the steps that you need to take to ensure minimum damage is caused to the internal spaces?

The most important first step is to remove any furnishings and valuables from the room or cover them with waterproof material if it is not possible to remove them so that they do not get damaged by rainwater. If the affected room is a garage then this is still important as metal tools that may be stored in the garage will quickly become rusty if they get wet.

If the roof is on a single storey part of the property it may be possible to cover the roof area with a large tarpaulin sheet to keep rainwater out until a permanent solution can be arranged. This will need to be firmly tied or weighted down to keep it in place.

Once you have tried to minimise further damage to the property and contents it is worth checking your buildings and content home insurance policy to see whether you are covered and if you are what you need to do to arrange for an assessment of the damage to be made.

Fixed Flat Rooflights – Practical and Stylish

Homeowners can lean towards rooflights because they know they will look great in their home. The practicality of them, though, can halt the process of installing a rooflight if there are concerns about how it will look and how it will work. Fixed flat rooflights are both practical and stylish, meeting all the needs of any homeowner who may want to install them. They are perfect for the domestic market, simply because they look so good; the combination of a flat glass design and a modern frame that sits close to the roof is a winning option. Those good looks do not overcompensate for anything, though, and it is in fact possible to get everything you need from a flat fixed rooflight as well, without having to break the bank.

Fixed flat glass rooflights are highly popular. The fixed flat glass design means that the rooflight does not open, which makes it a highly secure design. It will instead remain closed once installed, sitting neatly in the roof space while carrying out its essential function: letting light into any space. Glass is better than polycarbonate in that the quality of daylight will be better – it will almost feel like it is sparkling as it pours through the rooflight and into the room, bathing it in natural daylight. Glass rooflights are also better than vertical windows, in that they will let in so much more natural light and will give the room a much more refreshing aesthetic.

It can be difficult as a homeowner to strike the perfect balance between style and practicality. If a rooflight is stylish, it may not be practical. If a rooflight is practical, though, it may not be the best look for a home. Rooflight technology has come a long way and a flat glass rooflight design is the perfect approach to take, as it will be safe, secure, attractive and aesthetic boosting in its entirely. Always look at the brand of the rooflight and consider taking a look at their reviews as well. This will help to give an indication of how happy other customers are with the very same rooflight that you considering.

If your rooflight is in a space with windows, bi fold doors or similar, there will be absolutely no need for them to be hinged. You will be able to look up into the sky and enjoy the lovely views, without the worry of the rooflight breaking, of rain coming in, or any of the other factors that could influence its longevity. You will be able to use other natural ventilation methods instead, such as opening a window or propping open a door. Rooflights might also be placed into very high ceilings, in which case a flat fixed rooflight may not be the best choice. However, with this stylish product, a lot can change once it is installed. Think carefully about whether the aesthetics of a flat fixed rooflight appeal to you, or whether you would prefer to have something more functional like an access hatch.

The benefits of choosing corrugated sheet roofing

When you are building a shed, one of the biggest questions you will face is what shed roofing materials are available, which are right for your shed and what are the comparable costs?
Corrugated sheets are a great option to consider when you are looking for shed roofing materials. Galvanised steel versions have been used for many years, but these roofing sheets now come in various materials including PVC.
The main attraction of corrugated panels is that the panels create channels that encourage water, from rainfall or snow, to flow off the roof and away from the shed. This means that rainwater does not gather on the roof where it could potentially cause leaks.
The various materials available mean you can mix and match whatever panels you feel would suit your project. From steel finishes to various colours of PVC sheeting you can choose clear or coloured panels to let light in from outside so there is no need for windows in the walls of the shed.
The main benefits of corrugated shed roofing materials are that they are easy to install and are an affordable option for most buyers, so they are certainly worth considering when roofing a shed from scratch or reroofing an existing shed.

Construction projects which add value to your home

There are many ways to improve your home and add value to it so whether you are thinking of selling or just want to enhance your quality of life in your current property read on to discover more.
Adding additional rooms to your property will always boost its value as long as the construction is completed professionally. A loft conversion is a popular choice as long as the height inside the loft is tall enough that you can stand upright in a large proportion of It. A reputable builder will be able to advice you on the feasibility of this construction and the relevant regulations and permissions that will be needed.
Installing a conservatory is another popular choice and is made easier because smaller conservatories can be built without the need for planning permission. It is important to weigh up the benefits of additional living space with the inevitable loss of some garden space though.
Extending the kitchen by knocking down adjoining walls to create large open plan areas has become a popular trend recently. It may be that steel supporting joists will need to be installed if the internal walls are supporting walls but in most cases it is possible to achieve the effect you desire.

Garage roof options available now

The majority of people who have a garage with a flat roof have to have it replaced or repaired as these flat roofs often develop leaks causing rainwater to enter the garage and potentially cause damage to the contents. The options that were open to people wanting to repair or replace a garage roof used to be limited but with new innovations the choice has become much wider.
The cheapest and most common option is to have the roof re-felted as the materials are inexpensive and easily sourced however the expected life span of a felted flat roof is between five and ten years so the likelihood is that it will need replacing again. More people are opting for a longer lasting solution for their garage roof as they do not want to be continually replacing it and so they are choosing rubber roofing as this will last much longer and is not affected by UV rays, rain and frost.
Replacing a felted roof with a rubber roof covering can be done by any person who is able to work at height, but it is much easier if two people can work on the installation together as the materials will be heavy. The rubber roof covering, adhesive and edging can be purchased from many suppliers as an online search will show but there may be hefty delivery charges. Employing a professional roofing company to do the job may be a better solution for the average homeowner and a few quotes for completing the work should be sought to ensure you get a competitive price.

Ensuring that your roof is adequately insulated

When having a new roof installed, the company that you choose to use will usually talk to you about insulation. Insulation is vitally important and you may be surprised as to how much money it can save you over the course of a year. Insulations helps retain the heat within a home, so when you put your heating on, rather than it all being lost through a roof, it stays within the walls of the home and therefore requires you to have the heating on for less time or at a lower temperature.

If you go for a walk in the snow you can often see the roofs that do not have great insulation as often these are the ones where the snow has melted off the roof.

Over time insulation has improved and so if you still have the insulation in your attic from when the house was first built, you may decide to have it replace. It is important that the correct insulation is chosen and installed to ensure that it compiles with all fire regulations.

When choosing your new roof you may have the option to choose which sort of insulation you go for. It is worth trying to work out how much money you will save in heating costs if you go for the better quality insultation. Once you know this, you can work out how long it will take to save the different in the upfront cost of the different insulation types. Often you find that after only a year or two you will already have recouped the additional cost of the insulation.

When having a new roof installed, be sure to go with a reputable company and ideally one that has been recommended to you by someone that has used them before. There are a number of different websites that you can use to find a good roofing company that is local to you. Most roofing companies will not ask you to pay in full for a roof prior to work commencing. You may even be able to spread the cost over monthly or weekly payments to make it more affordable to you. Always check what guarantee they are offering with the roof too as you will want peace of mind that should the roof develop a leak in the next 12 -18 months, it will be repaired free of charge.

Choosing a roof shape when designing a new property

When an architect is designing a new building one of the decisions that will need to be made is what shape the roof will be. There are a few different roof structures to choose from but the most common and probably the cheapest is a gable roof.

The pitch of the gable roof is particularly important and needs to be such that it enables the rainwater to flow away adequately into the two gutters. A hip roof is often seen on farm buildings and older houses, but some houses with a gable roof have part of the roof with a hip construction to add visual appeal.

Some modern properties have a type of roof style that is called a lean-to roof or pent roof. This type of roof adds interest to a building and is often used on garden buildings. It has the advantage of being higher at one end meaning that windows can be added to one aspect of the building and internally there is more space.

The cheapest roof to use is a flat roof and these have traditionally been used for extensions however it must be remembered that the life of a traditional felted flat roof is only about ten to fifteen years so it will need regular maintenance and replacement.

Looking for the Ideal Roofers in Northampton

Looking for roofers in Northampton is not just as easy as calling up a local roofing company and asking them to fix your problem, or put on a new roof. It might be easier if you have worked with a particular roofing company before, but often, the first time working with a particular company will be trial and error and there will be a lot that can go wrong, or change along the way. This is more likely to happen if you use the wrong roofing company, so it is important you find the ideal roofers for your project and that they are used to dealing with the kind of roof that you have.

All roofers will have their own areas of expertise, as with any trade. Some roofers will be roofing contractors, working on large projects for commercial clients with enormous budgets. Some will be specialists in flat roofing, with a good understanding of how to fit and repair them as necessary. Even within the field of flat roofing there might be other types of roofing that a contractor knows about best, like GRP, EPDM or RBMs. All of these will be useful for different types of roofs and customers, but they won’t all be suitable for your type of roof. Make sure you are clear on exactly what a roofing contractor can do for you before exploring your options with them further.

What to ask your roofing contractor in Northampton

So you’ve found a roofing contractor you would like to use for your project – what kinds of questions can you ask them to make sure they are competent and will be able to do the job properly? Here are some ideas.

  • How long have you been in business? It is worthwhile asking a roofing contractor how long they have been doing what they do, which might include running a roofing business or working for a roofing company as applicable. This is just a way of guaging the experience of the contractor. It isn’t necessarily bad if they are quote new to roofing. Just make sure they have had appropriate training in installing and repairing roofs, and don’t be shy of asking about qualifications.
  • Do you work with my type of roofing? Make sure they work with your type of roofing and if you need a flat roof repair, check if they do this, rather than just fitting brand new roofs. Each roofer works differently so no question is a silly question.
  • Where are you based? If you are based in Northampton or Northamptonshire it is usually more cost effective to choose a local roofer for your project, who can get materials locally and will not have too far to travel. Many good roofers are based in the area so if you know what you are looking for, you can easily begin to make your enquiries and find a skilled, knowledgeable, highly experienced and local Northampton roofer. A skilled professional is worth the financial investment and can ensure roofs will last longer.

Does my house insurance cover a roof replacement?

If you suddenly find yourself with major problems with the roof of your property many people hope that they will be able to claim on their house insurance but unfortunately many house insurance policies only cover damage due to weather events or an accident for example if a tree falls on the roof not for general wear and tear. It is important to remember however that any internal damage that is caused by the roof leaking is covered under most household policies.

It is important to keep the roof in good repair as not only will it minimise the risk of problems with the roof but also in the event of a claim on the policy the assessor will be able to see that the roof has been adequately maintained not left in disrepair. Keep evidence of any remedial work that has been carried out on the roof in the form of receipts and photographs.

Once the roof damage has been assessed it is important to get the repairs completed promptly to avoid further damage to the interior of the property. The insurance company may have their own contractors who can arrange the necessary repairs to be carried out as soon as possible.