Asbestos Roof Removal

Asbestos has gone out of fashion within the building community, and for good reason. Over recent decades, we’ve seen increasing evidence of the negative health related repercussions which those whom worked with the material experienced. Cancer is a big issue among those who worked with the material. Residents of the buildings with asbestos roofs are also at risk, although to a lesser extent. The reason why asbestos is so bad for you, besides that it is toxic, is that it can break down into dust very easily, and once it has done so, it can easily enter the longs and begin to mutate the cells within your lungs, creating a high risk of cancer.

Due to all of this, asbestos removal is a very stringently monitored activity. The highest level of safety precautions need to be observed, to ensure the health of the builders working on-site, and for the health of those living and working in the surrounding area.

In order to remove asbestos, the workers need to be outfitted with overalls and face masks, so that they neither transfer or inhale any particles. The second big precaution is to erect a tent around the site, so that no particles of asbestos can be transferred to the surrounding area. Lastly, and extensive cleaning operation needs to take place, so that no dangerous materials are left behind.