Aluminium Roofing Systems

Aluminium roofing systems, although not quite new in the UK market, have always been among the top-rated and well-recommended not only by experts but also by ordinary individuals. The system has been in the market for over 50 years now but with innovative designs and technological revolution, it has reached a higher level and has continued to be very popular in several regions across UK. For roofing needs on conservatories, loggia extensions and orangeries, home designers recommend Aluminium roofing systems.


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Protect Your Investment with Commercial Cladding

Cladding is a process of protecting an underlying structure by piling up pieces of materials over another for better skin or layer control. It protects walls from harmful elements such as wind, rain and frost, which destroy hundreds of houses and buildings each year. If you want to secure your investment, it is important to apply commercial cladding. This will not only enhance your structure’s safety but will also increase the protection of your investment.


How Commercial Cladding Works

Cladding can be interior or exterior. It is done by putting another layer to the outside walls for better insulation, preventing structural damage and defending underneath brickwork. The added protection will also result to less maintenance such as re-pointing, plastering, and painting. The cladding will support any commercial structure by providing extreme level of versatility in design and durability. Continue reading

Water-proofing Solutions For Flat-roofs

While flat-roofs have become more and more popular among home-owners throughout the UK, many of them have since become aware of flaws in the design structure.

Flat-roofs, while great in many ways, are certainly less effective at negating water damage than a traditional pitched-roof structure. Pitched-roofs are highly effective at negating any water contact, as they are designed to have the water roll straight off the tiles of the roof, while with a flat-roof, puddles can begin to form on the surface.


Standing pools of water can be very damaging to the materials roofs are typically made of; reducing the lifespan of any flat-roof to below the point where having one in the first place is worthwhile.

Thankfully, over the last decade, chemists have been tackling this issue, and have come up with a variety of materials and substances which are far more at water-proofing a surface than anything that was previously available. You should be able to easily apply such a material to your flat roof, giving you a roof which will have a far longer lifespan.