Green Roofs – Unique and Refreshing

It’s always a pleasant surprise to see a green roof and it means that the owner of the property has invested in a sustainable home. A green roof is essentially made up of various layers including vegetation, growing membrane, moisture retention fleece, aqua drain, Sarnafil membrane, insulation, a vapour control layer and structural a structural deck.

The roof is designed to absorb rain water (up to 70%), while it is relatively low maintenance. These roofs are not necessarily expensive to install but they do need a little bit of maintenance work if you want to keep them tidy.

Some people have used these systems on houses, garages and commercial properties, and they are certainly visually appealing, while it’s a nice surprise and you’ll always get a few turned heads when you invite guests over.

Leakage Solution – The Rubberised Plygene Gutterline System

Gutters are often taken for granted, until they begin to leak that is, and the rubberised Plygene Gutterline system is a quality solution. It’s essentially lining for a tired gutter but it’s compatible with virtually any property. It can be installed to match the shape of a gutter, no matter how complicated while it can be provided in long runs, so it’s suitable for large commercial properties too.

You’ll definitely get a watertight finish with this system and that’s why it’s one of the most widely used guttering systems in the UK, while some properties have been lined in the excess of 200 metres. Not every roofing contractor will be experienced in using this system, and if you are going to use it then always call on the services of a certified installer.

Roof Lights – Getting into Detail…

Roof lights are openings on the roof which allow the penetration of light into the house. Various types of roof lights are available in the market and vary according to design, way of operation, and the raw material used in their manufacture and where to be installed among other factors. The following are examples and explanations of some of the lights:-

Fixed lights

This type is designed to impress and was originally created with the intention of reaching the high end market. Fixed lights are stylish and are usually fixed (one place) unlike other categories which are available in the market. The category is specifically designed so as to give a low external frame thus allowing light into the house. In terms of security, the lights are fitted with a thermally efficient glaze unit hence safer and efficient. This is because safety is the number one factor when considering such kind of lights. The inner part of the light has a laminated pane which not only adds up to the efficiency of the light but also safety of the light. The panes are made in such a way that they stay together when broken as opposed to toughened glass. This is an important aspect since when the lights are broken they do not scatter all over the place hence easier to tidy up whenever they are shattered.  Continue reading

Fibre Glass Roofing for a Garage

A fibre glass roof will require no maintenance whatsoever, and that’s why many people decide to use this system for their garage. The good thing with this system is that it can essentially be moulded into any shape, so if your garage roof is not completely flat without obstructions, it doesn’t matter.

This system is wet laid, and it can be installed relatively quickly, while many roofing contractors use it to carry out repairs. There are also no glued joints and the entire roof can be completed using one continuous piece of GRP. This system sis clear to see on many properties throughout the UK, and you are able to choose whether you want it to be non-slip. It’s a system used on commercial and residential properties, and it’s the perfect finish to a garage.