Electrical Capacitance test to Determine Water leakage

An electrical capacitance test is a test which determines the ability of a body to store an electrical charge, and it is used in a lot of different industries. It is a standard test used to determine the quality of all electrical products, and is a test well suited to determining whether or not a roof leaks.

This test works for roof leaks due to how water can store an electrical charge. This means that somebody who wants to find out if they have a roof leak, they can do a quick electrical capacitance test to check.

The test is a lot cheaper and quicker to do than alternatives like the thermal imaging test. Unfortunately it is no where near as precise, and for certain types of roofs it will give a false positive, like with roofs which contain a layer of foil.

Butterfly Roofing – Clean and Contemporary

There are plenty of different architectural roof designs but one contemporary style that you’ll regularly see on stylish apartments and contemporary getaway homes is the butterfly style.

This type of roof can work beautifully with large skylights on both of the ‘wings’, and you’ll get a substantial amount of desirable sunlight to brighten up the home. Light will really penetrate into the living spaces with a butterfly roof, and it’s certainly a unique style.

Different materials can be used to form this kind of roof, depending on the pitch, but a continuous membrane is the best option in most cases, for example; fibreglass. If you’re looking to make your residence a little bit different, a butterfly roof could be the best contemporary, eye-catching solution.

Consider a Wire Rope Hoist for your Industry

Wire Rope Hoists are much in demand nowadays across many industries. These are heavy-duty electrically powered devices that have been designed mainly for lifting heavy objects which are more than a ton in weight. One will usually come across these machines on large scale project sites or the construction areas. In other words, you will find them in any place where is a requirement of lifting heavy objects from one place to another.


The name of these machines easily suggests that they use a wire rope for lifting. This wire rope is very strong and durable as it is made from metal fibres such as stainless steel. This is not like the chain hoists which are basically made from metal chains. The Electric wire rope hoists lift the loads by winding the ropes around a drum which is powered by an electric motor. These devices are fully packed with immense horsepower which gives them the power to lift even the heaviest loads. Therefore, these machines are more versatile and can be used in a variety of situations. Some industries are still using the traditional chain hoists but the mindset is slowly changing and it has been seen that there is a general shift towards using the rope hoists.  Continue reading