Understanding the Basics of servicing Smoke Vents

Smoke is a very dangerous chemical with the capacity to kill at an instant. Taking this into consideration, most modern buildings as well as architectural designs and ventilation systems have all prioritized the proper handling and disposal of smoke. In addition to the above, the general public is at the moment being sensitized on issues regarding smoke particularly the health related issues. This is being done through different forms of media including television, radio and other wide reaching commercial advertising platforms in towns and cities across the country. What’s more, there are also laws put in place to help provide a clear guide line on how to handle smoke related issues taking into consideration the fact that smoke is able to kill quick. All of this has been done with the sole intention of ensuring the safety of residents.

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The Layers Of A Flat Roof

A flat roof is not as simple as the name suggests. While the structure is relatively straight forward, the internal components consist of a layer of several different materials. The layering of the materials gives the roof its strength and insulation.

The layers consist of the following, from top to bottom:

Surface Layer: The top layer of a flat roof consists of surface protection. This consists of a specially hardened material designed for protection against the elements.

Waterproof Layer: The layer below is that of a waterproof material. Another layer added to protect against the damp and water that seeps through the surface layer.

Insulation Layer: The next layer down is the insulation layer. This is designed to keep as much heat as possible within the rooms below.

Vapour Control Layer: Designed to maintain protection from dampness as well as insulation against the air outside.

Deck: A hollow base that the roof sits on. Providing structure as well as acoustic and heating insulation.