Heating Flat Roofed Rooms

It is not often considered initially, but heating a room which has a flat roof requires a different method of heating than rooms which have space overhead.

Convection currents from the air act differently in rooms which have flat roofs. Compared to rooms which have an attic or other space which makes up the roof above, this can have a considerable difference on how heat moves through the room.

For example, a room with a flat roof, if it is well insulated, will have less room for the air to move the heat around the space, which means the heat will travel less of a distance from the heaters. The room will be very warm around the heaters, but not as much in areas further away.

Because of this flat roofed rooms need to be heated in a certain way, in order to efficiently keep entire the room warm. A different arrangement of heaters will be required compared to standard rooms.