Making Sure You Have The Right Roof For The Right Building

Making sure you build the right roof for a certain building is crucial. Certain roofs are best suited for certain buildings, and some roofs are even required for certain building specifications.

Roofs are mainly classified depending on the type of material they are made from. Metal roofs, clay and concrete, and slate are some common examples.

Each material has different properties. It’s these properties that will determine if it should be used for a certain building. For example clay or concrete roofs are typically suited for warmer climates and require a structurally reinforced building due to their weight. They are effective at keeping buildings cool inside even in hot climates. Because of this, these roofs are ideal for manufacturing complexes and other buildings that require the temperature be a steady average.

Another example is slate. Often limited to civic buildings, churches and luxury houses, due to the fact that slate is an expensive material.