Flat Roofing Solutions and Information

Flat Roofing 

Typically, flat roofs are constructed from asphalt or three-ply modified bitumen, which is also known as felt flat roofing. A thin layer of gravel is also used to protect the roof from UV sunlight damage.

While the extended lifespan of EPDM is a definite improvement on felt flat roofing, some regard it to be an unsightly alternative that may not be in keeping with the style and traditions of the adjoining property or neighbourhood.

Flat roofing is generally considered a cost effective solution for a roof. Production involves considerably less materials than other roofs, as well as reduced labour.

Full replacement a flat roof can usually completed in a single day.

A disadvantage is that with a lifespan for a felt flat roof of only 20 years, the prospect of having to maintain and eventually replace this type of roof is apparent.