Tips For Installing A Rainwater System

Make sure you get it right the first time with these tips on installing a rainwater guttering system.

  • Be sure to Identify the position of the drain, and run a plumb-line and fix gutter outlet. Also make sure to check the fascia is level. This will allow you to plan for the rest of the installation before anything has been fixed.
  • Fix a support bracket at the furthest end and run a string-line to the outlet. From the outlet, fix support brackets at a maximum of one metre centres.
  • Insert gutter to the ‘insert to here’ line on the first fitting. At the other end of the gutter mark the position of the next fitting on the fascia.
  • Ensure the fittings are level by using a string line.
  • Check water tightness by blocking off any outlet and performing a static water test.