Different Types of Roofs for UK Properties

Roofs come in many different shapes and sizes. Flat, pitched, glass, GRP, fibreglass… the options are endless. Here are some roof types that will work well for homes and businesses wanting to remain robust in the harsh British climate:

  • Bonnet roofs. These have a steeper upper slop and less sloping in the lower part, offering a kind of porch construction. They can be seen as old fashioned but work well on period homes.
  • Box gable roofs. The roof slopes at the sides and meets in a triangle on top. This design will withstand rain and snow very well.
  • Flat roof. Used on modern and commercial buildings, flat roofs incorporate a very small slope to prevent water buildup.
  • Dormer. These can be built into a traditional pitched roof to create an additional window, usually when there is a loft room.
  • Simple hip roof. All four sides a symmetrical with vertical sides or gables.