Rooflights for Conservatories – Which One to Choose?

A conservatory is never going to be complete without a rooflight or roof lantern. It will ensure that the entire room is light and airy, giving it the feeling of bringing the outdoors inside. More often than not, a conservatory will have a roof lantern that will allow plenty of light to penetrate. This gives a conservatory the typical look and feel you would expect, providing a large, decorative roof that gives beautiful panoramic views outwards.

You could also opt for a flat glass rooflight or another type of skylight. However, this is usually not advisable if you want your new conservatory to have excellent aesthetic qualities. A flat glass rooflight would be better fitted into a flat roof on an extension.

Look at the options available for roof lanterns – some will be more ornate than others. You will be able to find something that matches the preferred aesthetic for your conservatory.