Selecting Rooflights – the Different Types

If you want to bring more natural light into a home, or you are an architect working out how to make buildings beautiful, then rooflights could be the ideal option. They are a popular architectural feature, used on buildings of all kinds in the UK. In this kind of climate, where daylight is sometimes not all that long lasting and people can feel a bit miserable about the dark and the wet weather conditions, it is a good idea to use rooflights to make the most of the light that we do get.

One of the best things about rooflights is that there are so many different types, making them highly versatile. Here are some of the most popular types of rooflight you can install:

Flat glass rooflights 

These are premium rooflights that are designed to sit close to the surface of the roof. They are modern in their design and look quite contemporary, meaning that they are often used on modern house extensions and over areas such as a swimming pool area in a modern home. Their flat surface means that there is plenty of surface area for daylight to come in, bringing in more light than other kinds of rooflights.

Roof domes 

These are often polycarbonate, as opposed to glass. They tend to be used on commercial and industrial buildings to make the atmosphere inside more pleasant, rather than on a home. However, they could very well be used on something like a home office. They will usually come in at a fairly low price point, making them a more affordable style of rooflight.

Roof pyramids 

As the name may suggest, a roof pyramid consists of a glass pyramid construction. This is a decorative type of rooflight that might be used on top of a conservatory or an extension. Equally, they may be used on commercial buildings like shopping centres or office buildings, as they can come in various sizes.

Roof lanterns 

A roof lantern is a large rooflight that is usually a pyramid shape, with sloping sides. It is designed to be large and to bring in a lot of light – and to look beautiful as well. It is the type of rooflight that is used on top of a conservatory or orangery traditionally, though it can also be used on top of an extension to bring in the maximum amounts of light.

Barrel vault

A roof barrel is a type of domed rooflight that stretches across the whole of a building. It is a way of bringing in lots of light, and it is not especially expensive so it is a good way of bringing in as much light as is possible. You will be able to get a lot of light from a barrel vault because of its sheer size.


If you can’t find the exact kind of rooflight you want, you may be able to get a rooflight that is custom made. There will be lots of different types of rooflight available so check with the suppliers thoroughly beforehand.