Domed Rooflights – the Versatile option

Rooflights come in many shapes and sizes, from domes to pyramids to flat glass units. The good news is that if you have a flat roof in place, you can choose from almost any kind of rooflight on the market. Dome rooflights always prove popular, and can bring many benefits to commercial and residential buildings. Here, we discuss the ins and outs of dome rooflights and the benefits they can bring to you, plus some of the considerations you should take into account when you are choosing rooflights for installation in your building.

Domed rooflights – what are they? 

Domed rooflights are set into a flat roof and feature a uPVC or metal exterior and kerb or upstand if required. The rooflight will feature a transparent dome that lets in light, which can be either glass or a polycarbonate material. Both have their advantages, but often polycarbonate materials will be significantly cheaper than glass. If you choose polycarbonate for your roof dome, then this will be a cost effective option and will still let in plenty of light.

Domed rooflights are usually fixed, though there may be some hinged options available. This will allow the rooflight to be opened up, creating natural ventilation by allowing in fresh air. This can be a good option for places like kitchens or bathrooms where there is a lot of steam.

Who installs domed rooflights? 

A domed rooflight can be good for a variety of purposes. They might be used in homes, within an extension or a part of the building that has a flat roof, such as a study or home office. The relatively low price point of a dome also makes it a viable option for a commercial building, such as a block of offices. This will have enormous benefits for the people who use the building, making it much more naturally bight and light inside. If you have a large space, then you may need more than one domelight, though you can get them with different surface areas to fit into different buildings.

One of the main benefits of a domed rooflight is the amount of light it lets in. When you look up at it, it really feels like the rooflight is opening up the space and is letting in plenty of light from outside. The dome makes it almost harder to see the glass and makes it feel like it is a window into the outside world. The shape of the glass will let in maximum amounts of natural daylight, making a domed rooflight ideal for anyone who needs to lighten up their building, be it commercial or domestic.

Many different companies offer rooflight installation, and lots of companies supply rooflights as well. If you want a rooflight for your home, you will need to find an installation professional, unless this is something you have done previously. If you work for a business and need rooflights to fit, then you can often buy in bulk for lower prices when you order from an online supplier.