Bespoke Rooflights for a Unique Property

When looking for new rooflights, there might not be the exact version you want available in stock. In this instance, you might not be able to find the style you want, the exact size you need, or the kind of mechanism you want. In this instance, bespoke rooflights offer you the answers.

A bespoke rooflight service is offered by some rooflight companies that supply and manufacture rooflights. They will be able to offer you various different services within this, such as choosing the size, the design, the kerb, the upstanding and the type of glazing. This is perfect if you need a non-standard size, or if you would like to produce a design that has your mark on it. Many people choose to build their own houses, or at least carry out a full restoration on an existing property. This kind of situation might well call for an individualised, fully bespoke rooflight.