Glass Rooflights: Selecting your Aesthetic Preference

Fitting a glass rooflight is a major decision to make for your home, but one that can enhance your home, aesthetics and general way of life. It’s well worth choosing a glass rooflight if you want to improve your home and make it a nicer place to be and to live – glass is a premium rooflight glazing option, and it will really show in your home. Nobody wants to spend money on a rooflight and be disappointed, but by choosing glass, you are ensuring that you choose something beautiful that will really add to your home.

Glass rooflights really are the most beautiful option for a rooflight. Why? Just think about the way in which the sun shines through glass. It looks simply stunning, lighting up your home and making it feel like you are almost out of doors – but with the added benefit of the warmth and comfort of the indoors! If you want a truly atmospheric experience, sitting underneath a glass rooflight whilst it’s raining will also feel comfortable and cosy, making you really appreciate the comforts of being indoors. Glass can also help to reduce the noise of rain, so if you don’t want it to be too noisy, this could be the option for you.

Glass rooflights come with many different kinds of glass, which you can select depending on the features that are most important to you. For example, you might choose solar glass – this will help reduce the glare coming from the glass, without making the room darker. This is perfect if your rooflight is somewhere in a main living area and you might get some glare on the TV, making it hard to watch. It will also help to prevent the room becoming too warm directly underneath the rooflight, and will help ventilate it in the summer. You can also choose glazing that has a different tint to it, like bronze or blue. This helps you choose the aesthetic features you want for your glass. If you don’t want to have to clean the glass a lot to keep it looking its best, choose self cleaning glass. This premium option allows dirt to be washed away easily in rain, making it easier to keep the glass clean and giving you a shiny finish all the time.

There are different kinds of glass rooflights available, so you can choose one that looks the way you want it to. These are the most common types of glass rooflights:

  • Fixed glass rooflights. These are flat glass rooflights that don’t open, providing a modern, minimalist look. You can choose different colours for the surrounds (usually aluminium) to personalise your rooflight. These rooflights are one of the most popular options and will work with the look and feel of most buildings.
  • Hinged glass rooflights. You can choose manual or electric hinges, allowing you to open up the rooflight and allow in some more ventilation. This makes them good for use in places like kitchens or bathrooms, where you might want some extra fresh air.