Drainage Solutions For Flat Roofs

On many construction projects flat roofs are used as a simple and cost saving method of roofing a build. However when installing a flat roof there are several key issues which will need to be addressed. One issue is that of drainage. During heavy rain a flat roof will collect water on top of it, so a drainage system will need to be installed in order to handle the large quantity of water which will otherwise build up on top of the roof.

A solution to this potential problem is to install a water outlet. A water outlet is simply a piping system with a filter or grate on the top of the system to prevent blockages. There are many different types of outlets in different sizes which can be fitted in different areas of the roof for optimal drainage. A system like this will prevent the roof from overflowing with water during heavy rain, avoiding structural damage to the roof.


The Shapes, Types and Materials of Rooflights and Skylights

Rooflights or skylights come in many different shapes, types and materials and are very versatile for using in both commercial and residential spaces. It is a bit confusing to decide on which skylight is better suited for our purpose, that is, if we do not have a clear idea about the various types available in the market. But before we move on to categorising them, let us first look at the benefits they provide.


Benefits of Rooflights:

  • The first obvious benefit is the use of natural lights. When installed in proper places, skylights can provide natural lights a lot longer than traditional windows. The more we can use natural lights, the less we need artificial electric lights.
  • In addition to letting in natural lights, skylights also allow heat to enter. Depending on their glazing type, skylights can very effectively trap heat from escaping. So not only they light up your place with natural lights, they also effectively add into the total insulation.
  • By reducing the use of electricity and temperature control system, skylights can very efficiently reduce monthly expenses. What is more, using artificial lights and temperature control systems emit almost 25% of the total greenhouse gases. So by reducing their usage, skylights make commercial and residential spaces more environmentally friendly.

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