Flat Roof Window Variations

Flat roof windows come in many variations, each suited for a different type of building. Its important to be aware of which roof window is suitable for which building, so you can make an informed and effective choice. This post looks at several different roof windows, and the type of buildings they are suitable for.


A studio building works well with low profile skylights which suitable for commercial, domestic and conservation.

These roof windows are best used in long strips along a ceiling. They can also be fitted with automatic shutters allowing the room to be dark, even in daytime for studio use.

 Pyramid Rooflights

Equally suited to contemporary or Victorian architecture, pyramid rooflights are a versatile and energy efficient way to enhance a range of buildings.

They are composed of steel frames with triangle shaped windows. Because of the unique shape of the windows, they give a striking effect to the natural light that comes into the room.