Do Rooflights Have to go into a Flat Roof?

Rooflights will most often be used on a flat roof, as this is the easiest fitting process and it will give you multiple options for your rooflights. However, a roof doesn’t have to be completely flat. It is possible to fit flat glass rooflights into roofs with a slight pitch – however, this wouldn’t really work with other kinds of rooflights, such as roof lanterns. It all depends on the type of rooflight you would like and where you want to position it.

It’s also possible to fit rooflights into a roof with a greater pitch. This is often called a roof window, as it will look more like a window from the outside. These types of rooflight are often used in attic rooms, where the roof is very steep but it’s important to get some more natural light inside.

The main thing to do is know what type of roof you have, so you can check it with the specifications of the rooflight you want.